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If you're looking for a change of pace and a unique home where you can disconnect to better reconnect with nature, then without a doubt, our huts are made right for you!

Tiny House/Hut kitchen
Bamboo Hut Kitchen

The Bamboo Hut and Toffee Hut are high-quality artisanal Huts made in England by Blackdown Shepherd Hut. These are their largest model, exclusively built with beautiful oak wood. They are fully equipped with induction hobs and a shower room with toilet. Each hut has its own private terrace to enjoy a pleasant breakfast or a night under the stars. 


Perfect combination of minimalism and comfort, the huts are connected to the main drainage and electricity, and have A/C. The Toffee Hut includes a double bed and the Bamboo Hut is available with a double bed or 2 single beds.

Fully equipped kitchen
Shower & WC
Reversible air conditioning
Private terrace


The first Huts were built more than a hundred years ago. Used by shepherds, they could be manufactured by a carpenter or ironworker depending on the materials found on site. A Hut could be a kitchen, a bedroom or a living room, easy to move from one field to another with its wrought iron wheels.

Blackdown Shepherd Huts wished to perpetuate this minimalist lifestyle, while making these Huts more luxurious, comfortable and practical to live in. Every detail has been thought of ensuring that they are pretty to look at and blend into nature.


Come and see for yourself!

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For all bookings or price requests, please click on one of the following huts, which will take you directly to our Airbnb pages. 

The Toffee Hut 
for 2 guests

The Bamboo Hut 
for 2 guests

The Toffee Hut & The Bamboo Hut 
for 4 guests



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