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It took some twenty-odd years working for an international company before stars aligned to allow my dreams to come through and let me live my passions. 
I started firstly with a permaculture formation (PDC) in Mallorca, Spain, where I met extraordinary mentors like Alfred and Rubina as well as numerous permaculture enthusiasts who were already practicing it at home.
I followed a couple of months later with a PTM à Bolsena, Italy, where I had the privilege to meet Rosemary Morrow, an incredible woman totally impassioned by nature, permaculture, and our planet. 

Everything came into place after a holiday in the Périgord Vert where I felt so at home. Especially in the green Périgord whose light and natural beauty reminded me so much of the English countryside where I had lived for a few years. 

It became obvious to me that only the huts handcrafted with love by Blackdown Shepherd Hut were worthy of this postcard’s setting. Ecologically manufactured in Somerset, England, they are not only gorgeous but are also fitted with all the modern amenities you could wish for. 

Today, I am offering you to share a lovely experience:

 Come for a week to (re)discover life in the slow lane, in one of our 2 climatized Huts.

 Come for a long weekend to discover what permaculture is about.

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